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The Past and Today (Black Men Fashion)

When it comes to the topic of black men fashion, there's not a lot of resources out there - at least, in the past there weren't.

That's because most magazines don't traditionally focus on models of color... let alone focus on black, or African American models.

Traditional style magazines and websites are here to appease a broader audience. For this article, let's focus on black men fashion and style only.

That's why we're all here, and that's why Well Dressed Brother exists. We're only here to show stylish brothers the way - nothing more, nothing less. Now you have a style magazine on the internet for you alone...

...which is good, because the rules of style and fashion are a little different for black men.

First off, what we think looks good is never what other people are wearing or like. Which is great of course... More often than not, they seem to imitate us than the other way around! You know what I mean.

So, to step up your game, you need to be thinking about what other black men are doing. That means...

  • Taking some styles from other black men
  • Learning from other black men
  • Going against the grain when you need to.

Today's Resources (Black Men Fashion)

There are resources out there to make it easier. First, there's us of course.

We’re on a mission to bring black men fashion and style to you. By following us on social media, reading our articles, and joining the tight knit WDB Stylist subscription group...

You'll have all the news and updates you'll ever need.

Another thing you can use to keep up with black men fashion and style is an Instagram account. Which you should already have! Start following some well dressed brothers. (Did we mention our IG feed is located here?)

With the rise of other fashionable influencers, many black men have felt the need to step up and document their game on the Gram.

Why not. right? Men are competitive. Plus, this is a great way for you to constantly review and criticize your wardrobe. It keeps you honest, and it keeps people around you guessing. “What will he wear next?”

Oh, and by the way: Instagram is the greatest resource in the game right now. It's never been easier, as a black man, to keep up with the latest style trends, outerwear, and looks.

A lot of the time, before the era of social media, black men often didn't have a resource like this to use. And, especially for the brothers who aren't in areas with fellow black or minority men, it was tough. How would you see what other people were wearing?

But... this kind of presents a problem as well.

There’s too many directions that you can go in, and too many options on how to dress yourself.

Yeah, we know that some brothers prefer streetwear, others like classic man outfits.

Still others like to lean to hybrids / hipster clothing. Many guys we’ve met have styles that are uniquely their own. They can’t be boxed into any of those categories, either.

This creates a problem because it’s often tempting to chase the latest fads or waves in black men fashion & style.

And, while that’s fine, if you know what you’re doing…

Keep this in mind, when you’re building a wardrobe – you want to know the difference between dressing trendy and dressing timeless.

One looks good in the short-term, while the other is around for the long term.

There’s a difference between being trendy and being timeless. And, to be fair, they both have advantages, and disadvantages.

Still, it’s very important that you understand the difference between the two. So you can look great no matter what.

Being Trendy (Black Men Fashion)

Being trendy…that means following the latest fads and staying on the cutting edge of what’s stylish today.

You’ll see this on Instagram every day. People modeling some of the latest and most “in” looks out there. Flipping open IG, or a fashion magazine like this one, will keep you up to date on the latest waves and fads.

Fads, in particular, are driven by celebrities and influencers. Some are more influential than others, and make a fad a bigger deal.

If the only thing you focus on is being trendy. You’ll dominate that area of black men fashion…but…there may come a time in a few years when you can’t wear many of the things in your closet anymore.

So, it’s important you choose from fads and clothes only if you like them. If something’s hanging in your wardrobe and you wonder why you even got it in the first place…you messed up dude!

Classic Style (Black Men Fashion)

Then, there’s the other direction.

We’re talking timeless style. The foundation of fashion. You have your staple items, things that never go out of style no matter what year it is.

That means things like:

White tees, slim blue jeans, leather jackets, polo shirts, and classic watches. Suit coats, ties and blazers. You build your wardrobe with staples like these, and you’ll never NOT like the way they look. Even if it is more common. That’s black men fashion rule #1.

There’s an idea that goes like this:

You only need between 12 and 15 items to build out a complete, working and stylish wardrobe. I’d say at least 20, but that’s a discussion for another day. We believe it though, and we have subscribers that follow that rule, too.

Once you niche down, and stick in a look. You can start focusing on being the best dressed black man in your niche.

As a bonus, you don’t need to go out and invest in fancy, expensive wardrobe pieces. Or a lot of stuff that you don’t really need. (Although WDB Magazine shows you how to get high fashion apparel without the high cost).

Merging Both Niches Into Your Own (Black Men Fashion)

Then there is a third direction of black men fashion. You have the guys who can do both. Timeless and trendy. They mix the two.

These dudes love to be multiple. They are able to do it all. Different looks, ranging from trendy, to designer, to classic style…

They do it all well, because they understand, how to merge each type of niche. They know when to just focus on one thing. This describes us, and WDB Mag readers, and many others out there.

Sometimes we’ll hop on a wave, cause we love what it looks like. Other times we’ll stick to the staples of fashion and kill it.

Which niche in black men fashion should you pick? Trendy, timeless or a blend? The answer is up to you, my man.

If you only do trends, there’s no denying you’ll get lots of short term attention and love. but you have to restart your wardrobe constantly, because it’s only in fashion for two years.

If you focus on timeless style, you’re still going to get compliments. And those will be clothes you can wear for many years.

We say blend the two! It’s easy and pays off. It’s nothing to throw on a great coat with the latest style of shades, or classic sneakers mixed in with the latest denim.

In the words of Yves St Laurent ‘Fashion is temporary, style is eternal’. This applies to black men fashion & style too.