Year-round, every year, you can’t forget it.  Because when the time comes…

Whatever it may be, the seasons can sneak up quickly on you, so make sure you winter wardrobe is up to par.

Your wardrobe & clothes for the coldest months of the year.

Maybe this is the year you’ll spring for a new coat, or perhaps you you already have some trusty staples ready to go.

Generally speaking, winter apparel is some of the most expensive, so I like to stick with the classic staples and looks – things that never go out of style.

Whatever it may be, as a well-dressed brother, don’t let the icy temperatures burn through your wallet.

Make sure you have some of the following black men’s fashion essentials for the winter in your closet and you’re ready for action year-round!

These winter fashion essentials include combinations of clothing, dress recommendations, and essential stand-alone pieces that you might want to consider this winter.

Black men style, winter edition:

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Grey & Black Overcoats / Peacoats


Most coats do a solid job at keeping you warm, but some simply aren’t up to the the task of looking good and keeping you warm. If you want to be a stylish man s winter, you need a coat that pairs well with formal attire.

Overcoats & peacoats are just the coats for the job. They help you look both stylish and stay warm during the fall & the winter. 


If you’re looking for a jacket that you can pair with a dress shirt and tie, or something that you can rock with a sweater underneath for a more casual look, overcoats & peacoats are for you.

Overcoats & peacoats look effortless, sophisticated, and are worth a place in your wardrobe.  These are a staple among fashionable black men.

What’s the difference between overcoats and peacoats?

  • Overcoats are shorter (ending above the knees) and are lighter coats – meaning you can layer on clothes underneath more easily. These go great with casual looks.
  • Peacoats  look elegant and are a bit more formal. They’re longer (often extending below the knees), and have a more snug fit. You can’t wear them over as many layers however.


Scarves & Gloves


Look great and protect your neck / hands when you step out of the house in the morning.

Winter accessory combinations are absolutely essential.

You need to know which accessories to pair with which….I consider these to be one of the black men’s fashion essentials in the winter time.

In terms of both style and function, the scarf  / gloves combination is timeless and something I return to every winter.

Pairing a pair of gloves, a long scarf, and I winter hat together takes a brother from just warm, to warm and  sophisticated.

This is a great gentleman aesthetic, mature and timeless from year to year. Try it out and appreciate how warm you feel and good you look.


Boots & Beanies


Here’s another black men fashion combo for the winter – boots and a beanie.

Another simple combo of accessories designed to keep you both warm and comfortable during the harshest winter days

Cloudy skies, biting temperatures, a bad hair day, whatever – none of that can affect you when you’re rocking a beanie.


And you already know how essential winter boots are, but as a reminder:

You can’t prepare your feet for the ice and elements unless you have a good pair of durable winter boots. The best boots provide great warmth, good ankle support, durability, and style.

You should look for winter boots crafted with weather resistant exterior, one that keeps out the cold air, sleet and snow.


Leather Jackets


While not the warmest jacket out there, nothing says “winter’s here!” like a leather jacket. Every well-dressed brother should have a leather jacket ready to go in their closet.

Make sure that the leather jacket you’re rocking is water-resistant and ready to keep out moisture.

If it isn’t, make sure you treat the leather with some sort of protectant that’s formulated for the jacket’s material, either leather or suede.

In case you’re unsure of how to wear a leather jacket during the winter months, the short answer is: add layers of warmth underneath the jacket. Sweaters, undershirts, etc.

With layering, you won’t need to sacrifice your favorite staples despite the freezing snow and temperatures.

Either way, a stylish black man should always have at least one leather jacket in their closet for the winter.


Warmer Inner Layers


During the spring and summer, you don’t wear many layers, if any.  There’s no need for it.

But as the fall and winter approach, one of the most basic rules of cold weather fashion is to adopt warmer inner layers that let you wear more lightweight coats and still stay warm.  Now’s the time to get creative.

The outer layer, on the outside, is designed to keep away the elements,  are  typically jackets and coats.



These should be chosen to block wind and rain.

The real warmth always comes from the insulating layer, the layer beneath your jacket.  These are just for insulation.

Some of the fabrics and materials you might want to have for this layer are cotton, wool, down, fleece, or synthetic.  Depending on how cold it gets, you’ll want to have at least a few.


Wool Crew Neck Sweaters 


If you don’t have to worry about rain or snow, nothing beats a wool crew neck sweater for looking both stylish and staying warm. These in particular are a casual and effortless look when you’re indoors.

Wool crew neck sweaters, unlike coats, are far more comfortable and get the job done during warmer days.

Rocking a wool crew neck sweater definitely makes for a casual look, but try pairing it with  denim jeans and desert boots (such as the look above) to stand out and look effortless.


Cardigans & Dress Shirts


Here’s a combo that never goes out of style – the cardigan + the dress shirt. You can see a few  examples of brothers rocking it here….

Cardigans or a bit looser than typical Blazers and sports jackets, making them a little bit more comfortable to wear over dress shirts. They’re also easy to throw on as an inner layer beneath a sport coat, or peacoat.

You’re getting quite a bit of usage out of cardigans all things considered. In case you like to roll up the sleeves of a dress shirt, make sure that the cardigan you choose isn’t too scratchy or itchy period test the wall that it’s made of.

We picked this as one of the black men’s fashion essentials for the winter because this look never goes out of style, keeps you warm, and looks effortless.

Especially when you’re out about in the city.  Why not embrace this smart casual look this winter?


V-Neck Sweaters & Dress Shirts


Here’s another great combination that isn’t too far removed from the cardigan and dress shirt. Namely, the v-neck sweater and dress shirt. So, unlike the cardigan, this sweater fits a little more snug, but it looks great when you pull it off.

Typically, I like to rock v-neck sweaters are made of wool, since they’re a little bit warmer.

Generally speaking, v-necks are the pick over crew necks here because they’re little bit more dressy and formal.

V-neck sweaters are essential, as they make great outer layers for cooler temperatures, but you can also sometimes use them as underneath layers to peacoats and overcoats.

Either way, they’re worth a place in every stylish black man’s closet. This combo is a smart casual staple for the winter time.

Try it for yourself, weather in the workplace or at a formal event.


Black Sunglasses

No, these aren’t just for the summer or spring – shades are critical in the winter.

Both from the perspective of being stylish, and making sure that your eyes are protected.

You want  to make sure that the harsh glare of the elements doesn’t get into your eyes. Bright winter days can be blinding, directly after a fresh snow or frost on the ground from last night.

These are a fashion essential for the winter because they often finish off a good winter outfit. Make sure you throw these on before you step out into the elements, in order to be warm, comfortable and look great.

If you wear glasses already, consider prescription lenses so you can rock shades outdoors and still see well.

There you go! 9 simple winter style tips that you should try out. Are we missing anything?

If so, let us know in the comments.

H Bashir
H Bashir

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