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Welcome to WDB...

Black men fashion...For the culture.

My name is Harith (Harry Bashir) and I'm the black men's stylist behind Welldressedbrother. Today in addition to my marketing career, I'm a private personal stylist for black men who want to know what looks good on them.

Does your style reflect who you are?

When you go into the world, do you command attention and respect?

And most importantly, do you know what looks good on men like you - your skin tone and your ethnicity? Not Euro-centric models and menswear trends?

Welcome to Welldressedbrother, the premier black men fashion destination on the internet today. Get inspired and improve your personal style with the tips, and outfit ideas that you need. Shop smarter, dress better, and feel more confident than ever.





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Black men style and fashion, in total detail. No matter what style question you have - dress styles, what’s appropriate for your age and so on - this is the place to go.

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Want to step your beard game up? Here’s the way to do it. We’ve got resources on everything you need to know - all to step your beard care up.

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Got any questions on hair care or finding the right haircut? Our hair section is the way forward. From tips on hair care, to the right products to use, to finding the haircut that suits you - we have it all.

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And what kind of black men’s site would we be without discussing the culture? Everything on how black men fashion ties into black culture in society today. Let’s get it!

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The original page where it all began. There just wasn't enough black men fashion on social media. So we started an FB page and grew from there. 


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What truly defines black men fashion? The majority of the style world isn’t concerned with it… People will debate black men fashion all day long…everyone has their own take on it. As you might imagine…it gets touchy sometimes.

Here at WDB, we stay active producing content around black men’s fashion. That includes our Instagram page and our IG Stories...our email list and our Facebook page...our blog and YouTube videos.

We wanted to put together an overview for black men fashion. That's where the site comes in... Use it as a resource.

In a style / fashion society, we’re ignored for the most part. What do we mean by that?

The majority of fashion and style magazines, for the most part, contain white male models + other backgrounds. Black male models are few and far between in comparison.

But for black men, of course, it’s the main event. It's all we can think about. I'm no exception, I'm just like yall!

Whether you’re looking for the above or even more, you’re in the right place. That’s our mission statement. So, the question is, what’s the best way to help you get there?

We do it for you.  So now, the question is, what do you want? We’ll never get tired of saying it - we take the time to read every email, peep every DM, and answer every question.

If you’re paying serious attention to your style for the first time, great! It can be overwhelming when you’re starting out. We’ve been there and can understand your pain.

On the other hand, no matter how experienced you are with black men’s style. It’s always good to audit your wardrobe. It’s easy to lose sight of the essentials. This site will put you on game no matter what. At WDB, we just wanted to get the big areas together.