When it comes to black male fashion, there isn’t a city in the world without at least a few stylish brothers. But, of course, some locations have a greater population of black men than others, which manifests itself in the amount of stylish black men in the city.

While both style and black men are global these days, some cities are a little bit more competitive than others when it comes to setting fashion-forward trends and attempting to stand out by the way that you dress. Here are some of the most significant cities where we see trends originating from for black culture and style.


New York City

Let’s start with the Big Apple. This is the city that literally birth hip hop culture. So it comes as no surprise that some of the most stylish black men on the planet reside in New York and all its boroughs. from Queens to Long Island, the Big Apple is known for both streetwear, casual, and classic man books.

Plus, it doesn’t help that New York’s Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in the world. Some of the largest friends, both in urban end menswear culture in general, come from New York. You’re guaranteed to find a few looks that you want to emulate.

Every time you step out onto the street in this city, you’re making a statement by the way you look and by what you’re wearing.









Los Angeles

When you land in Los Angeles, all you need to do is take one look around and you’ll understand that this city is home to some of the most fashionable black men in the world.

Once you start getting into the different neighborhoods, and watching people on the street walk by, you’ll notice that there’s a level of style here that’s simply not present in many other cities. People put a lot of thought and effort into what they wear on the street, and black man come are no exception. In fact, as usual, you can count on black men to set the standard in terms of classic man, Urban, and Casual looks.

There isn’t a demographic in LA that doesn’t make an effort style-wise, but black men separate themselves from the pack as usual. If you’re ever in need of some style inspiration, hop in your car and head to Hollywood, Monica, or Venice Beach, to take some inspiration from the passerby around you.


Things or it’s your up, one of the most liberal and 420 friendly cities on the planet is no slouch when it comes to putting together some of the ultimate casual and streetwear looks.

Taking a look and black man in this city, I’m deals some traditionally classic and casual outfits that you wouldn’t expect to find across the pond. There are dozens of street wear and designer brands within the city of Amsterdam that seem to pop up every few months.

If Sneaker boutiques, designer labels, and new Instagram Trends are your thing, you might want to check out out the city for yourself. Either way, some of the most stylish black men on Instagram today reside within the city.


In the UK, black men are thriving. While the city isn’t the first one that most think of when they’re thinking about fashionable meccas, London is Influencing black male culture at all levels these days.

That includes, music, Athletics and of course, style. Our British brothers  have their own takes on classic man, casual, and streetwear looks.

It’s take things above and beyond when it comes to how they look. Many menswear trends have originated from the UK in general. London, Street fashion, in general particularly stands out  Brits incorporate elements of vintage and modern style and they’re streetwear, creating a very trendy sporty look. If you like bespoke suits, you should stop by the legendary Saville Row.


Did we miss any? Make sure and let us know in the comments below!

H Bashir
H Bashir

I write about black men's style, and menswear in general, at WellDressedBrother.com. Follow us on IG @welldressedbrother