What’s good? Before we get to the topic – black men’s spring wear. I just wanted to say:

Been a minute since I’ve posted…we won’t have a break like that again. Life got in the way, balancing other demands etc. But I’m back. Ready to drop some new stuff for the people.

Today’s topic is black men’s seasonal style.

Winter is my least favorite season every year. The cold weather will drain a brother of his creativity and sense of imagination. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and swear the same coat over and over… With grey skies and freezing temperatures, all you want to do is stay indoors.

But now:

If you’re reading this, it’s one of the most exciting times of the calendar…spring. It’s officially spring and with that comes the topic of black men’s spring wear.

Temperatures are finally on the rise after another long, cold winter. Spring might be here, but don’t you put all your jackets away just yet. Spring temperatures can be up and down.

Don’t just assume that you can go back to last year’s fall outfits or even last summer. Every new season is an opportunity to reinvent or refresh your style.
Spring is different. It symbolizes renewal. Try and look the part. It’s time to experiment with colors, fabrics and new outfits…

With a new season comes new ideas for black men’s spring wear. No doubt you have events to attend, functions to turn up at and so on. If you want to look good, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get down to it. I picked out some pieces for a black men’s spring wear inspiration post. Here’s some essential picks your wardrobe needs to look good this spring.

Below, I’ll show you 7 of my favorite spring fashion essentials for the new season. Add these to your wardrobe this spring to look the part, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Time to flex!

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1) The Blazer



Let’s start with this. The blazer is a go to for spring. Toss it on over a button down and you immediately have a look ready for the new season. Blazers are one of my favorite pieces for spring, especially before it gets too warm.

A blazer is super-versatile – you can use it in anything from smart casual to business formal. A blazer’s a great option for those early, chilly spring days. Your fabric options here are:

• Cotton- a light fabric that won’t have you running too hot later in the season
• Wool – a fabric that absorbs moisture from the air. In the winter it helps hold in your body heat…and in warmer temperatures it helps your body cool off.


2) Black Men’s Spring Wear: The Pattern Button Down


Nothing, and I mean nothing fellas, feels like rocking a pattern button down on the first weekend of the spring warm enough to do so.These make great layering pieces as well (along with a cardigan or blazer).

A piece like this can be incorporated into different looks and styles. Pattern button downs come in different types: everything from floral to gingham. Add a couple of these to your shirt collection. Got to have at least one eye-catching piece in your outfit after all.


3) The Cardigan


Nothing beats layering a cardigan into your spring outfit. Whether shawl collar, button-up or chunky knit, a good cardigan will notch up the rest of your look for the better.
Cardigans are versatile and blend in easily with casual, preppy and formal looks. My favorite cardigans are wool-knit, but a lighter, thinner fabric like cotton makes sense during the springtime.
If it’s a cool spring day, bring your cardigan along with you in place of a jacket. You can mix these with something like a plain V-neck tee and still look decently trendy fellas.


4) Black Men’s Spring Wear: The Messenger Bag


Gotta secure the bag. For those of you walking into the office with a backpack, now’s a good time to reconsider…

A solid messenger bag (can wear with a solder strap if preferred) is a big step up from carrying a backpack around like you’re still in college.
Toting a messenger bag to and from work is a springtime staple.

Grab a bag big enough to carrying your necessary items, including a work computer and / or your keys, wallet, etc. I suggest investing in a waterproof bag if you can find it.

For a masculine vibe, make sure it incorporates leather with dark, neutral colors.


5) Desert Boots


Warmer weather brings you more footwear options than cold winters. One of my favorite aspects to spring is getting access to the other 60% of my shoes! From loafers to chukkas, from boat shoes to casual sneakers, spring brings a choice of options.

I suggest you have a few options that pair nicely with your springtime staples. My choice is low-top desert boots. Low top desert boots go great with slacks or jeans, but also shorts and chinos.

Whether leather or suede, desert boots are eye catching and go perfectly with contrasting chinos (example, light-colored desert boots and black chino pants).


6) Black Men’s Spring Wear: The Bomber Jacket


Lightweight, accessible and easy to layer into your outfit. What’s not to like? Bomber jackets are my favorite outerwear staple for spring.

Bomber jackets don’t look out of place in a business or casual outfit – in fact, these are some of the most versatile jackets you’ll ever wear. Other jackets don’t have this much range across different styles.

Bomber jackets occupy that sweet spot across formal and causal.

I suggest neutral colors like black and navy, but I’m also down for olive green and dark brown. You can even customize your look with unique pins or sewn-on patches.


7) Black Men’s Spring Wear: Stylish Shades


The sun’s back out. Before you commit to wearing the same old shades again this season, take a minute to see what you’ve got.

Don’t just wear the same old, tired $20 pair of shades again and again…Bring in some new shades to try on. Experiment with smoke grey tint instead of black – different colored lenses and frames make people take notice.

You can try classic men’s sunglasses like aviators or go for something a little more modern (gold rimmed John Lennon shades are my current favorite).
These only get more expensive in the summer – so cop these now!

Remember fellas, a look is only as good as its weakest piece. If you roll with these timeless essentials year after year, you’re ahead of 60% of the other guys.

The remaining 40% comes from completing your outfit. If you want to dial that in, make sure to cop my spring lookbook for full outfit ideas.
Stay a step ahead!

Catch you next time.

H Bashir
H Bashir

I write about black men's style, and menswear in general, at WellDressedBrother.com. Follow us on IG @welldressedbrother