The holidays and are and its time for yall to dress to impress…

For those who have Christmas & New Year’s Parties to prep for, you want to make sure you look good.

Sure, there are probably a few “ugly sweater” Christmas parties in the works, where your co-workers will show up in their ugliest sweaters.

That’s all well and good but where the swagger at?ย ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Avoid the classic traps of wearing the standard formal outfit that you rock year round – it’s the end of the year / start of the new year, and the name of the game is to make an impression. Now’s definitely the time to rock some formal / gentleman wear and stand out for all the right reasons.

Plenty of times I’ve gone against the crowd a little bit and made sure to dress up instead of dress down. Already crushed my holiday party (had several coworkers expressing admiration throughout the evening) and now want to make sure you do the same…

I’m sure the WDB fam agrees.

Everyone knows the name of the game at holiday parties is to look good…so don’t waste any time finding a bit of inspiration for the season.

It’s not easy though – striking the right balance. Too often, folks make common mistakes, such as:

  • Wearing too many layers / something uncomfortable, as plenty of office holiday parties start right after work (leaving you no time to go home and change)
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes (a NYE party, for example, may have you spending a lot of time on your feet in cramped quarters)
  • Wearing an outfit no different than other formal outfits you’ve already worn throughout the year (a business casual outfit probably won’t stand out in an office where that’s the dress code)

Avoid these classic mistakes! It’s the end of the old year and start of the new one – let’s ring in the new year the right way with some style inspiration that will help you make a good impression. So, with that in mind, here are few stylish, simple, and formal outfits that you can be comfortable in for long stretches of time – not too many layers.

Here are a few outfits that should get you off on the right foot for your holiday parties.

Black men style, holiday edition:


#1 Camel Overcoat | White Dress Shirt | Light Blue Jeans | Gray Desert Boots

This is consistently one of my favorite outfits for a formal event. The effortless blend of casual and stylish makes for a bright look that pops among seasonally dark tones – perfect for a party or function of any kind. Every black man should have a camel coat in their wardrobe – the color palette is very in right now, and it looks best against darker skin.


#2 White Dress Shirt | Bowtie | White Dress Pants

A far more traditional look than the first, but one that doesn’t really go out of style. Ditch the sport coat / blazer and just rock a white dress shirt with a bowtie if you really want to stand out from the far more common formal ties you see at evens like these. It’s a low maintenance look that’s comfortable for long stretches of time.



#3 White Dress Shirt | Navy Suspenders | Brown Tie | Khakis

Boom! Suspenders and khaki pants are two articles of clothing you’re not goingย  to see many others wearing during the holiday party. The reason this outfit works are the elements of dark navy with khaki / tan chinos, two colors that operate together really well. Toss in a brown dress tie and you’ll have something going.



#4 Burgundy Blazer | White Dress Shirt | Brown Belt | Black Dress Pants

Back to a bit more traditional look here…Incorporate a dark-colored blazer, ditch the tie, unbutton the top of your dress shirt, and add a pocket square. What’s not to like? Each element of this outfit mixes casual with formal. Just remember to try a bright colored belt that matches with your shoes (preferably Oxfords)!



#5 Black Crew Neck Over Dress Shirt | Grey Blazer | Blue Jeans | Boots


The umbrella is optional of course! But if all else fails, falling back on looking dapper is never a bad decision. Pick up the wool blazer and add a crew neck sweater to the white dress shirt for the evening – and make sure to add some dark blue jeans for contrast (contrast always wins).

So, what do you think? What other outfits would you wear at a holiday party? Make sure to address in the comments below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

H Bashir
H Bashir

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