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Better Black Men Beard Care

Black men with beards know that a well-groomed beard can look incredible.

The problem with black men beard care, however, is that there’s a lack of information out there about it. We face the same struggles that we do with beard care as we do when it comes to style.

We deal with the fact that there aren't many resources for properly caring for, growing, or maintaining a healthy beard. It’s ironic…but it’s a problem we can deal with. There are good resources out there if you know where to look.

Most black men…we have skin that's a little different than the types that other men have. The same goes for our hair, including beard hair.

Poorly taking care of your beard can affect your skin's health… If you use generic, standard hair care products that don't get the job done, your beard’s appearance will suffer as well. Embrace the uniqueness of your skin and beard.

Care for it properly, and groom it properly. Here’s a few reminders on better black men beard care.

Beard & Skin Care (Black Men Beard Care)

Make sure to select the right beard balm, and beard butter. We’ve devoted some discussion to this... But the first step is for you to embrace beard oil, beard balm, and beard butter. These three items are essential to help black men grow smoother, healthier, and more flowing beards.

It’s the same with skin care and hair care – don’t use generic harsh soaps and shampoo. Black men beard care is no different. Add beard balm / butter to your daily skin care regimen. Do this to make sure that your beard is the healthiest it could possibly be.

Once you add these to your regimen, your beard and the skin underneath it are better off. Again, we’ve gone into a bit more discussion on the types you’ll need, which you can check out as well.

You should also look for traditional products that aren’t full of chemicals; they strip away essential oils and moisture from your beard and face.

I really try to avoid store bought generic shampoo and soaps. They can dry out hair, and are harsh on skin.

Skin care and lotion is a huge deal for black men beard care. You’ve got to remember the skin that’s under your beard. This really applies to guys who’ve grown their beards out for a long time.

Don’t let that area of your face go ignored. You need to moisturize the skin under there. An easy time to do this is after you get out of the shower.

You can use either lotion or oil to massage into your skin. Rub this in with your fingertips, and make sure to push it down to the roots of your beard.

You can usually tell by the amount of dandruff and flaking skin how you're doing when it comes to the skin there. If you’re moisturizing properly, you won’t have to deal with this much. Dandruff is typically an indicator of a dry scalp on your head. On your face, it’s an indicator of dry skin underneath your hair follicles.

Try to apply some moisturizer after the shower, when your face pores are open. This helps with absorption and moisturizing the skin.

Again, make sure you’re checking for dandruff in all this, and how your skin feels. Too dry and flaky, not good. Too oily and greasy, not good either. You want to find your sweet spot and maintain it.

Beard Grooming (Black Men Beard Care)

Commit to grooming and trimming your beard at least every two days.

Beards are no different than any other type of hair on your body. The hairs on your beard all can grow at different speeds, some faster than others.

This can create a patchy look, of an uneven beard. If you're committed to lining up your beard and making sure it's symmetrical, your beard stubble and extra hairs can grow a little wildly.

Avoid looking sloppy and un-even when it comes to your beard appearance. Make sure that you’re grooming and trimming, keeping your stubble or beard as even as it can be. The result is a far healthier and groomed looking beard. For getting a line up to trim, you already know you have the option of going to the barber, or learning to do it yourself.

You have to shave with the grain, as well!

When it’s time to groom or trim your beard, ensure you’re only shaving with the grain. Move your shaver or razor in the direction your hair flows in.

One of the main themes of black men beard care is to be gentle on your face. One of the main ways to do this is to make sure you’re moving your razor / shaver in the direction your hair points or grows in.

Otherwise, you can damage your skin and hair – and you don’t want that. When you’re shaving, adjust to your face shape! Whether your face is round and wide, or lean and thin…

This doesn’t apply to black men beard care so much as it’s universal for all men who grow their beards out.

Make sure you’re styling your beard as it's suited to your face shape. Which beard style fits you best?

What does that mean? It comes back to a couple things:

1) How wide your jaw is overall

2) How low, or high, your body fat percentage is

For guys with high cheek facebones, or dudes who are lean, you probably already know what I’m talking about. You can grow out stubble along the flat panes of your face.

Other fellas might want to do something different…to switch things up and grow a wider, thicker beard.

So, guys with rounder faces can grow a beard that looks a bit different on their face. All in all though, no matter what style you grow, accept that different beard styles look better / worse on different faces. So experiment around a bit and find the style best for you, if you haven’t already done so.

Brush and comb your beard; all the time. Do this frequently. It’s essential to black men beard care. When you’ve got a beard, make sure to brush or comb “with the grain” as you’re doing this.

You’ve probably heard of that expression, but to brush with the grain means to move your brush in the direction that your hairs are pointed in.

Just like your scalp, brushing your beard hair follicles is important. When you brush your hair, you’re ensuring blood is flowing freely through your skin on your face. That’s a good thing… Blood flowing to the hair follicles is what keeps hair strong and healthy, instead of becoming brittle and breaking.

So do this for at least a few minutes a day, taking time to massage the roots of your beard hair with your fingers as well. It doesn’t matter how long your short your beard is – make sure to brush and massage with your fingers (even if you just have stubble).

Beard & Skin Health (Black Men Beard Care)

Washing and exfoliating is a big deal for the health of your beard and skin.

In combination with taking care of / moisturizing your skin, you need to exfoliate as well. Exfoliating your skin is an essential part of black men beard care.

During the shower, or after you shower, gently use a washcloth to rub your face. You’re scrubbing for dandruff and dead skin cells. Removing them from your face and letting your pores “breath” (making sure they’re unblocked). Try moving the cloth in a circular motion to get rid of the trapped oils and dirt in your hair follicles.

Make sure you aren’t scrubbing with too much force when you doing this! Take care of the pores on your face. Make sure your pores aren’t clogged…because you want them to produce oil normally.

If your hair follicles are clogged up, blocked with sebum or other oils, it can lead to baldness down the road (as the hair follicle is blocked and dies out).

Also, remember, what goes into your body makes just as big a difference in black men beard care as anything else.

Supplements are important. After all, hair comes from vitamins. I personally make sure to chug tons of water and take a Biotin supplement daily, or at least often.

All of that leads to healthier skin, hair and nails.

On top of just that, make sure you're taking a multivitamin, consuming protein in your daily diet, and eating as healthy as you can. And of course, if you’re eating fried and unhealthy foods, you might want to reconsider that. It’s not good for your health in the long term, nor is it good for your hair care.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for growing hair, just like watering and sun is for the plants in a garden.

There you go!

If you follow the steps above…the rest will take care of itself. It might look like a lot of work, but it really isn’t.

Just make sure you’re building all of this into your daily routine… It's only when you make changes a part of your daily lifestyle that better black men beard care starts to really happen.