Ah man… you know what time it is. Let’s talk black men’s fall fashion.

We’re officially in September…

What does that mean? It means fellas everywhere are gearing up. The glow up season is here. Fall, when folks think it’s time for an overhaul. Something new.

black men's fall fashion

I always say fall is the time of year that separates the boys from the men. Point blank. And when you’re done with the black men’s fall fashion guide, you’ll be well on your way to stunting through the new year.

In summer you can get away with simple outfits…the simpler the better. After all, layering doesn’t make sense when it’s hot outside.

(You did kill it this summer, right?)

But as the days grow shorter and chillier, we gotta switch it up a little bit. Yes brehs, that means YOU!

Fall is a whole new ballgame. This ain’t your first one – you know what the deal is.

Here’s a quick fall guide to black men style.


Black Men’s Fall Fashion Guidelines

Here are my biggest rules for improving your fall style:

1. Avoid the RUT.

You know what it is… Some fellas get a little glossy eyed at the sheer number of options that colder months provide. We aren’t quite in warmer temperatures yet (at the time of this post) but we gonna get there.

And some fellas, like I say, kinda bug out a bit over the variety of options when it comes to layering. Sweaters, pullovers, leather jackets, denim, peacoats???

It can get a little messy. I feel you there.

Still though, stick to an adventurous spirit. More options to layer mean more unique combinations of stuff to try.


2. Don’t Be Sloppy

What image do you want your style to project? Like stop for a second, and say out loud to yourself “My style shows off my vibe and confidence as a black man.”

(That’s what I just said).

But no matter what you want your vibe and fit to say about you, we often realize that one of our biggest flaws can be APPEARING TO TRY TOO HARD.

Not calling anyone out, or suggesting yall do that. Just pointing out it’s a common mistake in clients.

black men's fall fashion

This is what it looks like when swag is priorities above all else. I’m down with fellas experimenting…but there’s too much going on here.

Not throwing nobody under the bus…but you know what I’m sayin.

With outfits…I always try and stick to ONE loud piece. Anything more is too much. If you focus on getting your outfits to the three-color limit and wearing no more than one unique piece, you can curve this.


3. Don’t Go Overboard. (expenses, over layering)

Of course, that ain’t the only pitfall…

You don’t want to blow the bank either. (Right?) We all got expenses…housing, bills, food, family, friends, dating.

So, no need to splurge beyond a few set quality pieces that are built to last.

It doesn’t need to be high end Gucci, Saint Laurent or even some of the more common designer brands. (What’s the point of rocking a $1300 Gucci windbreaker for 2 months of the year anyway?


4. …But Don’t Be Afraid to Step Up Either

I hear this often. “Well none of my homies dress fly so I don’t really either…”

That’s just an excuse. If that’s how you really feel, no offense, but maybe I’m not for you…

Here at WDB, we go hard. I’m sorry but black men’s fall fashion is just way too exciting to be sitting on the sidelines.

And I’m not saying go as hard as Cam Newton in the summer out here…

black men's fall fashion

But get adventurous!

If your friends are out here dressing down, that’s no way to live. If you can’t convince them to stop being stiff (wearing the same old J’s or a ratty old blazer) then leave them behind and out-dress them.


5. Mix and Match.

With cooler temps, there’s more fabrics available to us. Anything from denim to cashmere to wool.

There’s also rich colors – gray, camel, charcoal, and so on.

In addition to layering, lend some though to patterns and fabrics in your outfit. Comfort and fit play a key here as they always do.

What does that mean?

Pick up a corduroy jacket, or think about adding a leather piece into what’s otherwise a standard office uniform. Fall lets you pull out a bunch of menswear items you’re used to living without during the past 6-8 months.

Next up:


Black Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials

Want some inspiration on pieces that need to be hanging in your pocket, fellas?

No worries…ya boy got you.

Let’s switch lanes for a second and make sure YOUR wardrobe / closet is fall ready. After this, you’ll know just what to wear to impress (at the office, during the weekend). And catch a few ladies’ eyes as you do it.

But first, let’s get one big thing straight:

There’s NO excuse for these black men’s fall fashion essentials to be missing from your wardrobe. They are inexpensive, look good, and can be dressed up and down.

On the go…casual…in the office…

It’s time to get right fellas. These menswear staples look good at any age. They’re timeless, yet fly. They can be mixed in with a few flashy pieces depending on the occasion you’re dressing for.

I’m only listing these as a resource for you to get your imagination going. Your wardrobe lacking right now?

If so, there’s still some time for you to cop these! Just trying to put you on game, fellas. Invest in your future.


Black Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials: Sweaters

One of the essentials to good fall style is, like we’ve gone through. LAYERING. That means sweaters (this section) and coats (the next).

Two sweaters you need:


A classic wool cardigan will elevate a casual look to a “smart casual” look, and softens the chill in the air when you’re out and about.

If you’re into the preppy or more classic type outfit, you can pair this with a casual white / blue button down. To glass it up, think a louder / patterned shirt underneath.



black men's fall fashion

Suggested: Alternative Apparel Classic Cardigan


V-Neck Pullovers:

Combining a crisp button down and a classic V-Neck sweater over it can be worn in a variety of occasions, whether in the office or at the party. This combo works well for date night too.

black men's fall fashion

Suggested: Brooks Brothers Cotton-Cashmere V-Neck Sweater


Black Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials: Coats

Mixing a good coat into your outfit requires a bit of creative thinking. See, in the late fall and approaching winter, you can wear three torso layers while outside (a coat, a midlayer like a sweater, and a shirt underneath).

Pick up a:



These go hard, especially a light gray peacoat that goes along with gray chukka / desert boots. I love my light colored gray peacoat – it contrasts well with my dark skin and combined with my boots to create a great visual effect.

A peacoat or topcoat is a versatile piece. If tailored, they’re very flattering on your body and arguably the best piece their eyes to layer & dress up (aside from a blazer).

black men's fall fashion

Suggested: Express Grey Recycled Wool Peacoat


Leather Jacket:

Nothing beats a cool leather jacket – it’s a style upgrade that keeps you warm and looks sharp.

black men's fall fashion

Suggested: ASOS DESIGN Leather Biker Jacket



Black Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials: Accessories

Cop you a brief case if you haven’t already! There’s no excuse possible for stuffing all of your stuff into your backpack today.

Wearing a backpack says a lot about you as a grown man, much of it negative. If you still rocking your old standard issue backpack from school days, you need to say goodbye to it stat. That’s not flexing!

You a grown man. Look at a good briefcase or messenger bag to carry to the office. It’s much more stylish and catches eyes like nothing else.

A good briefcase / messenger bag, like your wallet, is reliable, tough and strong. Choosing your bag – 14” on the small end, 18” and up for the larger type – depends on what you’re carrying every day.

Is it a Mac? A clumsy office laptop? Just some notebooks? Do you prefer straps, zippers, etc.?

You can find various briefcases and bags in smooth or textured leather, with multiple flaps, buckles and compartments.

I suggest leather.

black men's fall fashion

Suggested: AmeriLeather Classical Leather Organizer Briefcase

No matter what, when autumn is kicking in, black men’s fall fashion can get pricy – I understand.
Plan ahead and invest money upfront with the understanding that these are staples you’ll be using yearly

I know it can be tough. Sometimes I can’t stop myself form splurging – at least, that was my problem in the early going.

Nowadays, I have access to one of the biggest rolodexes of underground sales and deals on the web. Combining it an eye for what looks good (and what’s made of quality material) lets me tweak my fall wardrobe on the cheap.

If you’d like for me to do the same for you (finding inexpensive, quality, limited-availability pieces for your fall wardrobe), check out WDB Premium – I’m hosting a $1 trial offer for fall.

Now, finally, let’s go through some…


Black Men’s Fall Fashion Inspiration

Like I was saying before…

Black men’s fall style is competitive. Everywhere you turn on the gram, you’ll see people stunting and showing off their latest outerwear. So how do you keep up?

With the clients I’ve worked with, a lot of the time, the first thing I want to make clear is you need some favorite looks and inspiration. It’s way too easy to get into a rut and start wearing the same stuff over and over.

Want to look good and turn heads? You’ll be styling and profilin after following the earlier advice.

But let’s take it a step further…let me break down a few killer outfits for you along with why they work.

See, it all comes back to the occasion. Date night? Holiday dinner? Happy hour? Some occasions call for smart casual looks in cool weather, others more laid-back looks for a chilly fall day.

No matter what the function is, put your best foot forward.

Here are some urban gentleman aesthetics that are a big mood for fall. After looking through these, you’ll have the inspiration you need for the chilly days ahead:

black men's fall fashion

Got it going on between the blazer, the sweater underneath, and the pocket square to boot.

I normally try to vary color along with fabric between a mid-layer and an outer layer. But this is urban gentleman fashion to a tee. Notice the bag to boot. Carrying a bag makes you look classy…

black men's fall fashion

Notice how he mixes in those wingtip oxfords? They’re the final touch on what is otherwise a somewhat muted outfit. Though I typically try to match my coat to my shoes, I otherwise dig the olive great outer layer and finding a way to accessories with an eye-catching accessory (the beanie).

black men's fall fashion

I love this! The tan bomber jacket along with the bag is a great look in an otherwise all black uniform. Though I don’t like backpacks (as I stated), you can’t knock the vibe – it screams power, confidence, and class.

black men's fall fashion

This is a great look! Smart casual with an edge. While I typically stay away from ripped denim (unless I’m rocking streetwear) this is clean as a whistle.

The combination of white button down, camel coat and ripped jeans is a great contrast. It helps that ss that the man sticks to the 3-color rule too.

Now fellas, ask yourself this:

What’s your fall style looking like this year?

Hopefully, after reading this black men’s fall fashion guide, you have everything you need to succeed.

If you really want to stand out from the pack, I work 1 on 1 with black men to design outfits that look good on them – and ones they can be proud of.

Let’s take your look & appearance to the next level – reach out for a 1 on 1 style consult to make sure you DOMINATE this fall season!

And, that about brings us to the end of the Black Men’s Fall Fashion Guide.

Any other questions? Reach out and hit us up in the comments.

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