Black Hipster fashion! Here, let’s go into a bit of detail and talk all about it.

So, what is a black hipster exactly? It’s something that’s kind of hard to pin down. It’s a pretty broad subculture. Black culture embraces it…

Like any other cultural trend, it comes from a mix of various influences in society. You know, various cultural influences are relevant to us, such as fashion, race, political climate, and so on.

Again, this is something that’s a little bit harder to define. It’s more of a broader concept. But, as you know, the street style of the 90s and 2000’s has since departed the scene. People now dress and carry themselves differently in the streets…

Taking pride in not being locked down and labeled. Not just mindlessly copying rappers or celebrities.

All that is giving way to a new form of dressing and expression. That’s led to the rise of the black hipster and his own place in hipster subculture.


What is Black Hipster Style?

We’ve gone from tall tees baggy jeans, and so on to something very unique, where you celebrate individuality in the way they dress. All things considered, the black hipster always keeps others guessing on what he’ll do with his style next.

You got folks in going in different directions. From mustaches to glasses, to tweed jackets, so unique hats and so on. As with all hipster fashion, it’s all about being different.

Can you be different, then, if everybody else is trying to be? Again, it’s all about being unique and rocking the stuff that you identify with.


How Do I Start With Black Hipster Style?

If you’re a fellow who wants to dip his toes into black hipster fashion, good news…

You’ve probably already got a few pieces in your wardrobe that fit the bill. Think of the more eccentric stuff that you haven’t worn lately…

Stuff that might not be traditional and in style.

If you’re sitting on the fence or have decided to adopt some black hipster inspiration to your wardrobe, recognize that not everyone universally agrees on what’s good black hipster fashion and what isn’t.

Check out some of this black hipster inspiration below and let us know what you think.



black hipster


Here, I’m digging the combination of the beanie, long pea coat, slacks, and boots. Now, one of the reasons this outfit is so sharp is the inclusion of a T-shirt and beanie into what up otherwise could be considered a formal outfit.

Black hipsters are meant to break the laws of fashion.



black hipster


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The dark red cardigan contrasts well with the light blue pinstripe shirt. A good start for this black hipster outfit. Then the green chinos really add to and make this outfit stand out.

Of course, another eye-catching thing is all the accessories. from the loud shades to the classic paperboy cap. Rings, bracelets, and necklaces also adorn this outfit.


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These black hipsters have a going on, particularly the combination of fedoras and blazers/button down shirts being used as tops for the outfits.

I’m really digging the fella in the middle of course, who has great style. He has a dark blazer, orange pocket square, and ripped jeans. All it comes together for a very street-ready look.


black hipster

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This black hipster is rocking some oversized pseudo square glasses, along with the button up shirt and grey blazer.

The look just works, in ways that are almost hard to define. But the boldness of the outfit, and how buttoned up it is, is essential. Dressing up where others tend to relax and dress down. The big afro helps of course.


black hipster

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This black hipster here has a combination of a dreadlock bun, button-down shirt underneath, and a button-up cardigan that almost looks like a coat.

The contrast of dark green and red is interesting and creates color scheme you don’t usually see.

And like the photo before, the big dark-rimmed glasses add to the look.


black hipster

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This black hipster tends to gravitate towards street style, but there are few unusual, subtle details in this outfit.

While this outfit isn’t the most visually bold I seen, I do appreciate the hint of a white-collar right under the big corduroy and black shirt.

Mix in the black fedora and pants, and the white kicks, whose color are reinforced elsewhere in the outfit…

And you got a stew going. The briefcase helps too, as well as the bracelets. Still, you might want to add in a bowtie or thick horn-rimmed glasses.


black hipster

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I wanted to throw this one back to black hipster fashion of the past…

While the far-left brother looks clean and dapper, the two fellas on the right, both stand out in different ways.

One for that fire black pea coat, and the other four mix again jeans with a blazer and button down.

Regardless, all three are great looks.


black hipster

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I love this outfit a ton, it’s put well together. The guy has some style about him. The circular glasses, green blazer, non-classic button-up, and Fedora.

All this combines to create an exceptionally sharp look.

This black hipster look isn’t too complex, one you can easily recreate.


black hipster

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Mixed in with the white trainers, grey slacks, and grey Henley, you’ve got that loud mink / brown fur pea coat. Streetwear ready, but with a twist. There’s always a little elephant in the outfit if you know what you’re doing.


black hipster

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What stands out about this outfit is the golden brown mix of the pea coat, which creates a huge splash of color against the otherwise mostly colorless outfit. The big thick glasses help complete a black hipster look as opposed to standard street style


black hipster

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Just step back and take a look! That hair is the noticeable about this brother of course, but I’m still liking the look.

That vest, along with the white shirt and grey pea coat, really greats a unique look that stands out from the average streetwear outfit.


black hipster

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It’s all good to wear a sport coat or blazer with jeans as I’m sure you know. Not too unique but still. I’m liking the scarf wrapped just underneath.

While this isn’t otherwise a very remarkable black hipster outfit, it’s still very dapper.



black hipster


This outfit pops, I really dig it! The vest beneath with just a hint of a high button-down collar. Overall, it’s so fresh look.

The vest is really a standout and I’m loving that brown tweed sport coat as well. This is a fashionable, dapper-looking black hipster outfit.


black hipster

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It’s that classic dapper theme. Seen across tons of hipster outfits, it’s still nevertheless remarkable to look at. Mixing in those different colors was a great touch.

The paperboy cap, bow tie, and vest add different levels to this look. Those brown Oxfords are great as well.


Black Hipster Apparel

So, now’s the time to get to your local thrift store and start combing through the racks. A good black hipster outfit definitely has some age / hand me down elements to it.

You can comb through outfits and items from days past. Here are a few items you’ll likely want:



Here are a few potential items that you can wear in a black hipster outfit. Some of the apparel below will typically make its way into various outfits you see.

  • Cardigans
  • Sweaters
  • Plaid Print Flannel
  • Thick Knit Sweaters (No hood)
  • Pea coats
  • V Neck Shirts
  • Button Down Light Colored
  • Tweed blazers and sportcoats
  • Vests of all types
  • Leather Jackets


Slim fit is king here. Particularly slim cut or tapered leg styles. Not too tight, you don’t want to cut off circulation or anything.

Make sure to cuff your pants above the shoes.

Both bold colored hues and neutral colors can work.

  • Slim Fit Jeans
  • Slim Fit Chinos
  • Darker Denim
  • Slacks (Grey, Tweed, Cotton, etc.)
  • Cuffed Pants



Now, this is where you need to stand out from the pack…

Probably nothing captures the subtleties of black hipster fashion like eyewear does. Whether prescription glasses or just eye frames, you’d do well to rock some thick-framed glasses.

Some other suggested items are below….just make sure they aren’t common or mainstream!

  • Necklaces
  • Thick Framed Glasses
  • Vintage Frame Sunglasses
  • Scarves
  • Beanies
  • Skinny Ties
  • Leather belts
  • Scarves
  • Messenger bags
  • Tattoos
  • Beards
  • Mustaches



The hipster fashion trend and going anywhere, anytime soon.

Fellas all over like to be different and mix unique elements into otherwise ordinary outfits. If you would like to lift a little bit of black hipster style inspiration into your wardrobe, some of the looks above should help you with that.

And. One more thing. Remember that it’s all about being unpredictable and keeping folks guessing.

What other advice do you have for the aspiring black hipster? Let us know…

H Bashir
H Bashir

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