Man! It’s not a joke to keep up with black men style today. You’re set up to fail. When you are trying to figure out how to stand out in a world of stylish Brothers? And the dude who strolls past is dressed to kill? Yeah, you got your work cut out for you.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s impossible. Plenty of Brothers out there do their thing and carve out a lane for themselves. Black culture and fashion is alive and poppin.

Even when other men are showing off themselves. How about you?

Have you found it a little tough to find what looks good on you? If so, don’t worry. We are here to hook you up, like we always do.

It’s not too hard…There’s a  very simple way to keep up with black men’s style today. You probably already guessed it: Instagram.

Why it’s a good idea?


When you add more black men’s style to your Instagram feed? It pays off subconsciously.

You’re starting to see, every day, other brothers who are out there doing it bigger and better. And, early in my fashion journey, I found that helped me the most.

After all, I was surrounded by all sorts of whack dressed dudes. How am I supposed to raise my game when I’m surrounded by other guys who don’t even take pride in their appearance?

But here’s the deal:

It’s not that simple. We gotta be more SPECIFIC….

And find the IG models who dress similar to the way you want to dress. Who have body types like yours.

Then…it gets trickier.


See, that’s important too…You have to know what direction you’re going in. Casual or street? Classic or fad? Tall or short, heavy or thin?

My point is:

It’s tough to find the exact style you’re looking for. It’s hard to know what looks good on you.

I know a lot of Brothers out there aren’t too heavy into social media, or maybe don’t want to spend their time searching all over it.

So, if you’re thinking about keeping up with what looks good on you. you can’t do any better than some of these IG accounts. Cut to the chase and follow the ones you like…

Soon, I hope to be featuring you and your Instagram account on WDB. In the meantime take a look below and hit that follow button.





1) Ernande.drei (Andrei Ernande)

Let’s see breh… you like streetwear?

Do you like slim fit, ripped denim, ponytails, shades, necklaces and earrings? Based outside of the USA, check out Ernande’s IG.

This man has influenced many of the street wearing casual looks I rock what I’m out and about, having fun with my friends.

He’s also a blogger, and you can check out his site out here.

He’s based in Madrid, Spain. Man has a little international swagger in his style, and you can see the non-American influences in it.








2) @stevenonoja (Steven Onoja)

The urban, gentlemen, classic aesthetic. Steven is a photographer and it shows in his amazing visual style.

If you follow his feed, you’re guaranteed to enjoy more than classic man looks.

On top of that, you’re treated to a backdrop of urban, interior, and classic decor looks.

Following Steven’s Instagram has always put the hunger of the big city in me.

Steven is it a creative director, photographer, and consultant.

Make sure you follow his IG for an example of raising the lifestyle and black men’s style bar.








3) @abrahamdailydosis (Abraham A.)

A little bit more new school, Abraham is another menswear and lifestyle influencer.

Similar to others, he rocks streetwear, and he puts his own spin on it.

He’ll often combine bright and bold streetwear with more classic dark colors.

The result is often visually bold and stunning streetwear looks.

Perfect for drawing attention when you’re on-the-go. Check out his website at here

I like what he has going on – he’s based out of Vienna, Austria.

There’s just something about streetwear brothers based in Europe. Many are doing it big.









4) @sr.king_dapper (King Levi)

All right, this next guy is one of my favorites currently on IG today.

His style is, again, a little more visually eye-catching than a typical classic man.

He mixes suits and classic man clothing with unique patterns and visually bright colors.

The result is a look that pops, and is definitely all the time.

This style influencer is commonly on the go, and can be seen traveling throughout Africa.

He owns a fashion agency himself, and has amassed quite a following on Instagram.








5) @el.vino (El Vino)

Based out of Belgium, El Vino is a smartly styled menswear blogger.

He puts together Timeless outfits with great fit, dark colors, suits and ties.

Though he sometimes also wears casual styled outfits, he mainly focuses on suits that blend different elements of gentlemen fashion.

I’ve lifted some inspiration from his IG account.

Classic and gentleman style that constantly looks great.

For example it’s thanks to him that I really started focusing on having a good vest in my wardrobe.









6) @miguel_visionary (Miguel)

Another menswear influencer located in Europe, Miguel is a guy who makes the thin line between classic and Fab fashion his own.

When you scroll through his account, you might be surprised to notice the amounts of layered / basic spins on the casual outfit.

The best part of it is seeing his unique twists on things.  All timeless elements of black mens’ style.

Miguel sometimes tends to dress more on the preppy side, but he remains true to his roots..  This includes t-shirts, chinos, jeans, vans, and sneakers.

Occasionally he’ll try more casual and simple outfits with only a couple of layers.







7) @ryanstylesnyc (Ryan Clark)

This high fashion brother, located in New York, is the type of menswear influencer that makes you sit up and take notice.

His unique twist on high end fashion is subtle. Basically, he’s ready for a business meeting at all times.

Of all the guys on this list, he might embody the preppy vibe the most. Mean that in a good way…

He’s more of a traditional menswear influencer.

Also, he tends to really emphasize accessories.

Meaning, you might catch him with a briefcase one day, jacket the next, and different suits, shades, and shoes every time.

You’ll also see him against more classically urban backgrounds, out posing while on the go.








8) @stuylin (George Myrie aka Stuylin)

Bearded and dapper, this dude is the guy who has one of the best combinations of beard and swagger.

Generally speaking, I like the Hipster vibe that I get here. You won’t find a photo of him without a fedora, a turtleneck, and a bag in his hand.

Again, he’s well suited to the bright color and hipster dress style. And the urban backdrop..

Like many others on his list, he’s a influencer and a photographer who has his own lane. You can check that out here.







There you go! Just a few of the many black men’s style accounts on IG.

Soon, I hope to be scrolling through the gram and come across your account. The next step is to take our style quiz and pinpoint the direction you want to go in. Thanks & hit us up if you have any other questions – we’re here to help!

H Bashir
H Bashir

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