Does it take a huge clothing budget to get anywhere these days? Instagram has really raised the style bar…
The truth is…

If you want to impress with quality outfits despite your clothing budget, we put together a simple guide to show how simple it really is.  


The Story

Looking good is expected…and it takes money to dress well. To express yourself and have others come to appreciate your style and presence.
I remember asking myself, when I was back in school, a broke student and it was a fashion show surrounding me: how did they afford it?
Other people, in the same situation, somehow were killing it. Was it because they had more disposable cash? Rich parents? Credit cards?
It’s annoying isn’t it? Back a few years ago, being in school and having to balance a part time job with classes… I got frustrated because I noticed it for the first time. A problem that would pop up in my life.
I remember seeing other friends pics of their designer outfits & shaking my head. It’s like, how do you do that? I was really annoyed.
Credit card bills must be crazy…I thought to myself. Oh well, when I’m making money, things will get better..I’ll have a real clothing budget of my own.
Graduating, getting a real world job, I thought I would become as stylish as my high-end peers…. and for a while, I was.
Man, I was going nuts in the malls at first! Spent my first few paychecks before I realized that it’s a long-term game. A marathon, not a sprint.
Having the ability to fill out my wardrobe was great, and I had an eye for great fashion and dressing fly. I made the most of my shopping budget and was always careful to put some thought into what I bought. So, I was in a much better place style wise.
But…the same problem popped back upjust in a different way. Whereas as a broke student I had to deal with having no money, now it was different. I had to deal with “keeping up with the Joneses” as the saying goes.
Yeah, the same stylish friends were still a step ahead. When I was dressing quality, they were dressing designer.
Where I was filling out a good outfit, they were accessorizing. Where I was making smart choices with good brands, they covered themselves in designer labels. So, in a way, I was dealing with the same problem.
How do they afford to dress so well?
Does that sound familiar? Feeling like you’re the only one struggling with the retail hunt? Not stretching that clothing budget far enough? Not having the time or resources to do whatever these people might be doing?


It doesn’t do you any good to stay a step behind.
But that gap doesn’t close. Things don’t really get any different. These expensive, well dressed types, who I refer to as the Flashy Crowd, always stay a step ahead. They get recognition and praise for dressing well.
That’s fine…you may not care about validation, or maybe you do a bit. But…
Your clothing budget is your clothing budget and it’s tough to carve out enough to stay stylish.
Seasons, accessories…shoes, pants…good fit and quality material… The list of expenses go on and you have to make do with what you got.
In life you deal with other financial responsibilities…like a home, bills, a family, etc. It feels like something (a force) always, keeps elite style juuuuust out of reach.
Here’s the thing…everyone assumes that fashion on a budget comes down to the things everyone already knows about:
  • Thrift & secondhand shopping
  • Exclusive warehouse sales (90% of which you will never hear about, or have the time for)
  • Lots of these are at the most random and inconvenient hours…
  • Going to sales (heh, a public sale isn’t really a sale)
  • Buying and returning clothes all the time (not really “buying”)


That’s what everyone assumes the well dressed Flashy crowd is doing right? That’s what I thought too at first. But few people I know used the methods above and actually made a stylish wardrobe out of it.
I know a few thrifters, but between you and me, they end up looking more “eccentric” than “stylish”….
Besides, those folks spend hours hunting between racks. Trying to find the same “hidden gems” that everyone else is fighting for. Most people, including me, don’t have that kind of time. We’re pretty busy.
So what’s their secret? Dressing well, looking amazing on the daily, not spending hours weekly to do it. Not searching clothing racks already picked clean.
Is there a trick regular people like you and me won’t ever discover?
Well…kind of. It’s not so much a secret as it is a strategy to make the most of any clothing budget, no matter how small. Which is good for you, because it’s something that I was able to learn, something you can do too… And something that isn’t too time consuming.

The main thing to know: it’s not your fault you’ve had trouble.

I was where you were, upset at life, wanting the style recognition I couldn’t afford. My clothing budget would never be enough.
Little did I know, that everything I assumed about fashion on a budget would turn out to be wrong. I was totally unaware… then an encounter changed everything. In a coffee shop of all places. I cannot believe how lucky I was in hindsight.
I met a guy named Arthur, how had the answers to every question I had on my mind.
Unassuming and calm, he was sitting a chair over in the coffee shop. Little did I know how lucky I was to be next to him…and that he was about to change my life.
He turned and looked at me…
I was browsing on my tablet, scrolling Instagram, double-tapping when I saw an outfit I liked.
He went back to his book. About 15 minutes later, he got up to get a refill and when he was back, I was still doing the same thing.
“You like style, huh, young fella?” he asked me.
I turned and looked at him, about to reply “yeah” and double taked. You could tell this man knew style. He had on this great looking outfit…
Leather brown belt with the Oxfords, dark jeans, a white dress shirt… and his briefcase was definitely something Italian.
I nodded.
Arthur was a professional fashion distributor. (I can’t disclose his name or info aside from this).
His list of brand clients was long, many of whom you may have heard of. A few high-end, international brands, even.
He worked and traveled the USA, helping ensure that his clients’ apparel gets distributed across showrooms for sales.
Making sure that inventory is properly accounted for, and so on.
We got to talking. I told him how much I loved dressing well, but only had so much to spend on it. He asked me where I find my wardrobe.
I told him the exact same things .
Vintage shopping…
Bargain hunting…
He laughed. He actually laughed.
“Sure, young fella.
“That works, but only to a point. You’re doing exactly what most people try and do. They want to do the exact same things with their clothing budget. Go to sales, stores and hope for the best. That can sometimes work, but you’re wasting a ton of time. You need to go where the real sales are. Sales like the ones I manage.”
I told him I didn’t know where to go, which is exactly what he expected to hear.. He said “Yeah, that’s the case with most people. You need to work smart, not hard. Today is the age of the Internet and apps. Focus your efforts online.”

Focus on online shopping, instead of wasting time and money competing with everyone else…. for the limited apparel in-store during a sale.

Online shopping?

My reply:

Well yeah I guess, but buying online can often be a pain. Especially when it comes to the prices you’re paying…then there’s shipping…
Oh and there’s always a chance of what you buy not being worth the money. Poor quality materials, bad fit, you name it…
He raised his hand to cut me off.
“Exactly, all this discourages 80% of people from even trying. There are early adopters who put together a way smarter system for doing about online shopping. I’ve seen and heard it all in this industry. If you want to get to the real discounts…. There are a few rules you need to follow.
“Listen, I work between the retailers, manufacturers and showrooms. I travel a ton. I’m always at these shows and events. I’m meeting buyers and retail hunters all the time who show me how they shop online. I’m also working with manufacturers , so I see how to sell their inventory online.
“Let’s just say some people are the first to know when a real sale is happening…one that moves the needle. Most people will never hear about those.”
I could go on and on about how mind blown I was.
To fast forward through the rest of this talk…
I could tell you how I had to beg him to find out what he meant by “the real sales are online”…
I could tell you how I was scribbling down notes and bought him a coffee, bagel, and took down his email (which I will not share)…
I’ll just tell you, I put Arthur’s system into use. Skeptical at first. I thought the problem was that I needed a bigger clothing budget.
Turns out…Arthur was right. As in, 100% dead on.
Online shopping is 100% the way go.
I’m living proof that Arthur’s online shopping system is the real deal. Here before you today, let me tell you something – it works, and it’s amazing. Even the smallest clothing budget can go a much, much longer way doing this.
And I could not have learned about it at a better time.
Online shopping is blowing up. More and more people are turning to e-commerce and buying online.
A a result, there are so many sales exclusive to the web…ones you’ll never hear about.
It’s never been more important to be a savvy online shopper. That’s where, without a doubt, your clothing budget will go the longest way.

Use this system to get to the real savings and discounts, many of which you won’t find anywhere else.

clothing budget
The best part?
You don’t have to WASTE ANY TIME…driving around between stores, showrooms, warehouses…
You can do it all from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.
I’m talking saving thousands.
And, a long story short, I put the whole process together for you into a single, easy guide, with Arthur’s approval. Since he took a liking to me (and I treated him to breakfast) he was fine with it.
These simple guidelines work for ANYONE. Budgets of all kinds, small or large. Men, women, children even. All types of apparel and dress styles. All seasons, all outfits.
By the time you have this playbook of secrets, you’ll be able to…
  • Shop like a seasoned insider & have access to eye-popping deals you never thought possible. Use the insider secrets I was talking about, and see for yourself
  • Score the absolute best quality for your budget and never worry about getting a better price. How to find the best option, every time, and know whether it’s worth your money
  • Finally dress like the stylish person you know you can become. With your budget no longer a problem, reach a new level of high fashion...
  • No need to break the bank - learn how to put together a wardrobe that both looks good on you and is built from amazing deals.
  • Score better prices on better apparel by getting 50%, 75% markdowns on designer apparel
  • Stay ahead of the game  Learn how to cop a wardrobe others can’t build
Best of all?
This guide - put together at a low price - pays for itself. Make back what you spend on this guide in unlimited savings, year round.
Now, I could easily stop there. Giving you such a money saving guide for so little? Going through all the work and sharing these secrets? All to make it harder on myself?
I feel I've done a lot. But I love helping, so on top of all that…
I’m so confident this will help you, I’ll say:
If you don’t receive the value of the guide back right away from discounts, savings off designer and quality apparel…
Contact us for your money back. No questions.
If you’re really ready to become the most stylish person you know now, check it out:
The Online Shopping Hacks Guide

Click the link above and let me show you how.
Talk soon!

H Bashir
H Bashir

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