Disclaimer: I’m bald. What does a bald guy know about black men hairstyles, you ask?

Believe me, I can still help! Like outfits, you might need some inspiration with your hair. Ever find yourself asking your barber for the same hairstyle over and over?

For fellas with hair, hairstyles are like anything else. Gotta switch it up from time to time.

With all the latest trends in black men hairstyles today, fellas have never had as many options as this. So many different trends, looks, and styles. All the brothers trying to one-up one another….

You can go in all sorts of directions…from the classic waves to dreads and twists, to retro looks such as the flat top, to the fade and so on. Many of the black men’s hairstyles out there today are a combination of all of those and more. You can always fall back on the classic fade, or choose from several other different black men hairstyles.

Catch a few eyes, try something new, with this hairstyle lookbook. Or head back to the black men haircuts & hair care page. (How well do you take care of your hair?)

Of course, a lot of that falls on your barber as well. If you’re choosing from some of the most popular black men’s hairstyles today, you definitely need a skilled barber to turn your otherwise unremarkable hairstyle into a work of art.

The following artistic haircut designs that are customizable, versatile, and have different unique elements to them. Really it comes back to what your particular hair type is. whether your hairstyle is thick, thin, straight, curly, or so on…

To help you choose which of the following black men hairstyles are right for you, we’ve listed out a wide variety of type below. Check it out, we hope that you enjoy it!

Below, let’s dig through several of the most popular ones, as well as help you out on how to choose a proper hairstyle for you.


Amazing Black Men Hairstyles to Choose From


  1. Short Dreads+ Fade

black men hairstyles

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There’s a limitless array of dreadlock ideas that you can choose from. One easy option for dreadlocks is a look such as the one above.

Incorporate short dreads with a fade, and you’re in business; particularly if you add a short beard to the mix. The twists take some time to set in, especially for softer hair, but you can make it work.


  1. Big Braids + Fade

black men hairstyles

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These big braids, particularly wrapped up into a short bun like you see above, create a very distinct look…. Particularly when you add in a fade.

To make this look work, all you need to do is divide your hair across your head into three equal parts and braid each of them. After that, connect them to the back with a twisted small bun. To make it look sharper, try shaving sharp a line-up in front.


  1. Two Strand Twists + Fade

black men hairstyles

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So first, you take the basic fade, then you add two strand twists at the top. In other words, twist at least two strands together as you see in the photo above.

Some of the best hairstyles combine contrasts, and the resulting look is pretty unique.


  1. Short Fade

black men hairstyles

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Fades – we all know about them. From the simple to the complex, these are an essential part of black men hairstyles today.

Specifically, here, we’re talking about the short fade, one that never gets old.

If you have thick hair, you might not be shooting for a defined fade like this. Try having your barber shave in a ‘part’ line to spruce up this hairstyle even more.

Or, you can go the extra mile and consider dyeing your hair up top – maybe a few strands or an entire section of the hairstyle.

Aside from that, the short fade is a standard haircut that’s modern, and one that any barber will be able to deliver.

Making your sides faded and having a full bed of hair on the top is really all it takes. It’s a standard haircut but still a cool hairstyle.


  1. Curly Fro

black men hairstyles

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Now, everyone knows the afro. I mean, come on, it’s probably the most iconic one among black men hairstyles throughout history.

And yet…

Something about afros ensures that they never really go out of style. On top of that, they’re also pretty low maintenance aside from combing…

But the curly fro doesn’t even need regular combing.

Trim the side zone, but don’t touch the top, so that party of the curly afro can achieve the maximum frizzy effect.

Again, this look doesn’t need much commitment from you – just let your hair grow wild and tame it from time to time.

This is, of course, a great look for fellas with curly hair.


  1. Line Up + Thick Waves

black men hairstyles

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Alright – here’s another one of those black men hairstyles that you just don’t see enough of these days…

We’re talking waves, of course!

These defined, flowing waves only come with great maintenance and longer hair. Make sure your boar bristle brush is ready to go…

You’ll need some pomade/grease that you can apply to your hair as well.

The resulting look is universally appreciated and one that you can take with you wherever you go, from the boardroom to the streets, etc.

Having a sharp line up takes this look to the next level.


  1. Line Up + Short Hair

black men hairstyles

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You can take your standard line up and tweak it up a bit. This works well for the more low key fellas, and as a result, it’s one of the most common black men hairstyles today.

Instead of letting your natural hairline take hold, have your barbers line you up.

In other words, shave a straight hairline with sharp angles into your hair.

Easy stuff….

Define your hairline on your neck and forehead. It just makes a difference, as I’m sure you know.

Lineups/cuts like these require maintenance because as you know, your hair is going to grow.

You don’t want “stubble” on your forehead under the line.

This style really brings out your face, eyes, and brow line. Try adding a beard for great effect.


  1. Pompadour

black men hairstyles

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Now, this is definitely one of the bolder and more classic black men hairstyles out there….and it’s not a look that’s easy to style.

The pompadour is a look worn by fellas with fine, straight hair…not thicker.

On the other hand, if you have tight curls, you can give this hairstyle a shot as well.

Stylists can do crazy things!

On top of that, adding a fade to the temples definitely updates this look for the current day.

By shaping what’s called a “quiff” at the front of your hair – a curly, styled coil – you’ll have a great eye-catching shape to draw attention to.


  1. High Top Fade

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Man, the high top sure is one of the most iconic types of black men hairstyles, isn’t it?

I love this look from the 80s and 90s…it takes me back to a time when African American culture was booming.

If you’re looking for a fresh hairstyle to try, why not go back to a previous era?

The high-top fade may be just right for you. Now updated of course, with adding shaved fades to your templates and the back of your head.

Other than that, just make sure you get a pick comb and maintain that high top, combing upwards so it can stand high vertically.


  1. High Top Fade + Part

black men hairstyles

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Now, how about something like this?

So, this is one of the more “out there” black men hairstyles because it’s a bold look that lifts elements from times old and now. But if you have a neatly lined high flattop plus a significant part, it’s going to turn heads and get compliments.

By creating a high low contrast like the above, you’re really showing off your individuality. What makes this best is that it’s a hairstyle for many different types of hair.

With the top of your hair standing tall vertically, and the sides + back are trimmed to a fade… Or having sharper temple fades.

All of it adds up to create a fresh hairstyle.


  1. Dreadlock Bun

black men hairstyles

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Fellas that have dreads on the longer side have probably considered this look in the past. And with ‘buns’ being so in, this may be a look that the dreadlocked fellas want to give a shot.

Only guys with dreadlocks have access to a select few black men hairstyles like this…

What you’ll need to do is divide your long dreads into 3 different sections. Braid each, then connect them to the back of your hair, and tie it up into a volume twisted bun.

Try shaving sharp hairlines/line up around the bun to create a cleaner look.


  1. Dreadlock Ponytail + Fade

black men hairstyles

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Now a “man bun” fade that’s redesigned for dreads is a look that many today are sporting.

While ‘man bun fades’ have been around for a while, they aren’t typical black men hairstyles…but add in some dreads and things are different.

All you need to do to rock a hairstyle such as this is shave the sides & back on your hair, leaving your templates bald.

Leave the crown of your hair with dreads that can either be tied or left flowing down.

Alternatively, you can try diving your dreads into two parts if you wish.

If you can grow a beard to complete the look you definitely should!

No matter what though, the dreadlock man bun fade, so to speak, is a very modern look.


  1. Line Up + Short Waves + Fade

black men hairstyles

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Adding waves to your buzz cut creates a fashionable look that has stood the test of time. Waves have been in since the 90s, and while you don’t see them as much today, they haven’t gone away. Why not shoot ahead of the curve and bring this back?

Bringing in a full beard to assist with the look works as well. If you add in a soft fade towards the back, this is one of the classic black men hairstyles that has been updated for the current day.


  1. Afro Fade

black men hairstyles

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So, you take your classic fro, and you add a spin to it…why not try the afro face for a modern spin on one of the classic black men hairstyles?

The Afro Fade is a cool and simple haircut that many men can give a shot. While the pictured cut above has softer, curly hair, that’s not a necessity by any means.

Basically, all you have to do is incorporate the box fade hairstyle on your sides/temple, and leave your top to grown however it likes.


  1. Geometric Cut

black men hairstyles

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Now, this is definitely more on the eye-catching side of the scale. But still, it’s a fresh look that turns heads and brings in and compliments. If you have thicker hair or curls, keep in mind that with some strong angles and a talented barber, you can pull a look like this off.

There’s really no defined rules to a geometric cut. Your imagination is your guide!

Try creating a right-angle part in your hair. Or add in some waves as you see above. Trying a geometric hairstyle with various shapes and lines can create a really artistic hairstyle.

While a geometric hairstyle is pretty bold, it’s one of the black men hairstyles on this list because if you pull it off, you get respect.


  1. Mohawk

black men hairstyles

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Who doesn’t love a mohawk? Although we’ve moved on from the mohawk’s heyday of 2014-2015, they still look great. If you want to look fashionable, you can’t go wrong with a mohawk.

While a lower fade makes the mohawk look more like a classic cut, a higher fade has the opposite effect. Try out a mohawk for a rebellious look.


  1. Curls + Fade

black men hairstyles

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Fellas that have looser curls can try this one out. Trying out an undercut for fade in conjunction with your curls could make for an interesting look.

All you gotta do: Let your curls grow to a longer length on top, and give them a style of their own. Then apply the fade. The contrast between the medium length curls and a fresh fade looks great and unique.

Lifting some inspiration from the above list will definitely give you some inspiration to choose from the next time you’re at the barbershop. Picking just one cut or one type of stock could be difficult, but you’ve got a variety of hair types including short, medium, and long length.

What other black men hairstyles out there do you really dig? Let us know in the comments below!

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