Oxfords are sizzling, man. Any guy worth his salt when it comes to style knows that Oxfords are the way to go when adding the final touch to a formal outfit. When I put on a pair of wingtip or plain toe oxfords, I make sure that my pant legs are tailored or cuffed so I can show off the sock and shoe combination. Never fails…

Every man should have at least a pair in his closet, if not two pairs. They’re clean, snazzy and don’t break the bank (well if you’re purchasing a good combination of quality and price). However, there are a lot of choices for the right pair out there….

That’s an understatement.

There are so many options when it comes to Oxfords. Designers/retailers know it’s a popular shoe and have endless variations available…

So, it’s really easy to break the bank when shopping for them. Typically, you don’t want to splurge too much on shoes. But when it comes to dress shoes, quality comes first. You want shoes that will last and look good.

Again, you want to balance quality and price.

When you’re shopping for the perfect Oxford, keep in mind that it needs to be made with all the proper materials. It’s better to invest a little more for the perfect Oxford when you know it’ll last you years, as opposed to going for the lowest price possible.

All that said, you definitely don’t want to overspend on the right shoes…

So, what Oxfords are the best combinations of price and quality? Don’t worry, we got you.

Here are a few pairs of Oxfords that are stylish, don’t break the bank and are built to last.


Dream Pairs Bruno Homme Moda Italy Prince Men’s Oxford Wingtip Dress Shoes



These Dream Pairs are inexpensive, one of the most price friendly options out there. They’re varied, coming in a wide selection of different styles and colors.

You got browns, black, grays and colors of all shades,

They definitely look way more expensive than they actually are. The Dream Pairs are great quality, good looking and worth the price.

Keep in mind, these shoes aren’t built for you to stand in them all day long or wear them 7 days a week You may need to insert arch support as well (a common running theme among various Oxford’s.).

Still, they’re a great option if you need Oxfords for formal meetings in a pinch. On top of all that, they are easy to polish and pretty durable. I’m a big fan of these Dream Pairs wing tips.

-> $28, Shop Now (Dream Pairs Bruno Homme Moda Italy Prince Men’s Oxford Wingtip Dress Shoes)


Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe



Now for these…

First and foremost, the Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford shoes stand out for their appearance. Clarks has always done a great job of making shoes that appear more expensive than they typically are.

The Tilden Cap Oxford shoes come with a variety of darker, leather colors available.

The oxfords are actually designed with comfort in mind. They’ve got great padding on the insoles, thick rubber soles, and soft inserts.

Clarks also added some stretching fabric built into the shoe to make taking it off/ putting it back a bit easier.

Finally, the best thing about these shoes are the Ortholite insoles that get rid of fungus, moisture and all types of shoe/ foot odor.

The narrow width of the shoe will take you a little time to break in, but you can’t beat the combination of price and style.

-> $44, Shop Now (Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe)


Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford



These Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxfords are yet another excellent oxford shoe for the price range they’re in.

The Cap-Toe Oxfords are built for both style and comfort. They’ve got a fully cushioned memory foam insole.

On top of that, they appear distinguished, are made with rich leather colors, and age well.

They’re a bit on the stiffer side, so you might consider adding in some arch supports where necessary.

The perforated trimming and blind eyelet lacing are exceptional.

Still, they’re well-made and decently priced. The shoes fit well with slacks, dress pants, or business casual attire.

There are just two colors, black, and cognac… but still: These Cap Toe oxfords are worth the investment. I’m a big fan of the cognac color.

-> $52, Shop Now (Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford)



Cole Haan Men’s Original Grand Shortwing Oxford



The first thing that stands out about the Cole Haan Men’s Original Grand Shortwing Oxford’s…

The sheer diversity of color, of course.

Cole Haan has a jaw-dropping selection with variations on different shades, finishes, and styles.

The other thing that makes you take notice of the Shortwing Oxford is the rubber soles – the large soles on the bottom.

The rubber soles on the bottom are actually really good for feet problems, and for people who are on their feet all day.

With a slightly looser fit, and crafted with lighter materials… these are extremely light on your feet as well. My favorite color and shades for these Shortwings are the Blazer Blue and Grey Pinstripe editions.

If you browse through the Shortwing Oxford’s, you’re bound to find a couple of color schemes and materials that you fall in love with.

-> $97, Shop Now (Cole Haan Men’s Original Grand Shortwing Oxford)




Allen Edmonds Men’s Carlyle Oxford



Let’s kick it off with the fresh Allen Edmonds. These shoes immediately stand out for the rich leather finish, which shows up in the color and quality.

These Carlyle are colored rich bourbon, and they’re probably the most simplistic, stylish looking shoes on the entire list.

The Allen Edmonds offers a great combination of support & comfort as well as sophisticated appearance.

Although these are leather soles, they come with rubber heels as well, giving you a decent compromise between comfort and craft.

The Allen Edmonds Men’s Carlyle Oxfords also have black laces and stitching that stand out against even the rich bourbon leather.

All in all, it’s a great combination of traction, aesthetics, and the ability to absorb impact. These will definitely pop and catch a few eyes, get you a few compliments….

-> $394, Shop Now (Allen Edmonds Men’s Carlyle Oxford)



So, all in all, these five choices of Oxfords make for great shoes that don’t break the bank, add flair to your feet, and complete any formal outfit you can think of.

What’s your favorite type/brand of Oxford? Make sure to reach out and let us know in the comments below!

H Bashir
H Bashir

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