Let’s talk about beards for the bearded brothers. What’s hot with black men beards right now?

Maybe you are an aspiring beard grower who wants to plan out how to take care of / style his beard in advance.

Or maybe you’re a vet at this.

Either way, you need to stay motivated, and having sources of inspiration helps with that.

One of the best things I did when starting out in the fashion game, and something that you can do for yourself, is gather sources of inspiration. After all, once you have a goal to reach, or look to get to, everything else starts taking care of itself.

Want to be inspired? You got to to really start moving forward with your board journey. You do need to be inspired to start moving forward with your beard Journey.  When I’m out and about in the streets….

It’s only when I see another brother who put together a sick look…

That I decide that hey, I want that look too.

Otherwise, you might lose motivation, which brings lack of Interest. Don’t give up three weeks and then decide to shave your beard off! So, check out these sources of inspiration from other brehs who are doing it bigger and better in the game today.

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1) Black Men With Beards




So, I was blown away when I went to this site. This site is a fantastic example of another brother who is doing it big on the internet today. The presentation, the quality, and the design are all excellent.

This site is run by Quinn Gordon. If you read the about story, it’s pretty moving. He created the website to give men of color a positive resource to visit on the web, whether it be for black men beards, fashion, or otherwise. I can get behind that!

It’s just as much about giving men of color platform as it is anything else.  A few things Quinn has done:

  • Create a calendar that features black men and their beards
  • Network with publications, magazines, and editorials in the fashion and style world
  • Put together some dope social media accounts featuring black men and their beards


Make sure to check out his site, and his Instagram page. They even have a section called Beard Care University, which shows you step by step instructions on how to care for your beard! Check that site out.


2) Bevel

You’ve probably heard of Bevel before. These guys are a big deal in the world of fashion and style today. They’ve got celebrities in the black community to rep them and their products, which is pretty awesome and great publicity.

Bevel is on the web to sell its two main products,  the trimmer and the razor. In particular, they’re known for their blades, which are used in many barber shops today.

And yep, they’ve been dropped in rap music.

Their products won the 2016 GQ Best in Grooming Award, which is a pretty high honor in the Shaving industry. And best of all, their products are made for black skin and black men beards.

But beyond that, their Blog, has tons of amazing photo essays showing you how to take care of your own beard. And, they’ve got some shaving 101 videos that will show you how to properly grow, manage, and care for your beard.

Bevel’s CEO, Tristan Walker, has put together an amazing product line and resource for men of color. Bevel helps with everything from the shaving, to the aesthetic. Every time I visit this website, I’m reminded to keep my line up sharp.


3) Black Men’s Grooming Den


All right, this site is run by one of my favorite black entrepreneurs on the web today. Brandon Patton has put together an amazing resource. This site and brand designed to help man of color groom and manage their beards .

On top of that, he’s actually running a great Instagram account designed to show off beards of all styles. When you come to the front page, you might be taken aback by the amount of recommendations. Don’t worry but Brandon knows black men beards inside and out.

He’s passionate about he’s passionate about beards and it shows. There’s lots of great discussion and articles on the website about how to care for and manage your beard. Brandon has also got a email list that you can join for more news and some product recommendations.

This is a great site. Between Brandon’s Instagram, and his YouTube channel, you’ll get all the inspiration and grooming tips, you’ll ever need. Brandon stays active when it comes to black men’s beards.


4) Black Men’s Beards YouTube Channel


But, his YouTube channel is the best of all. better than his Facebook page and his website. In fact, it’s so good, that it deserves a section all to itself. Brandon uploads new videos all the time answering every single question he’s asked when it comes to growing and grooming a beard.

In one video, he might show you where in the store to buy essential supplements that you need for your beard…

Whereas in another video he shows you how lengthen your beard with a regimen he does every day.  make sure to head to his channel and subscribe. It’s worth your time. He’s got tons of videos on black men beards and uploads new ones all the time.

At the time of this writing he has just under 30,000 subscribers.

Again, you can see the passion. I love to see Brothers out there who are making their presence felt on the internet and social media.


5) Black Men Beard Styles App (Google Play)



This one’s a little different. But it might be useful for your day if you’re on the go and need some quick inspiration outside of social media or the internet.

If you have an Android phone you might want to check this out. So the link to the app above is actually a beard and facial hair app designed for black men.

Pretty dope huh?  It’s cool to see Brothers out there making apps around black men beards and fashion.

This app lets you flip through many black men beard styles, moving one by one down the list, until you find the one perfect for you.

Unfortunately though, we couldn’t find a version relevant to iTunes or the iPhone. If you manage to find one on the App Store there, hit us up and let us know. Until then, if you’re got an Android or Samsung phone, why not download this app and check it out real quick?

Best of all, this app is free to install, and has several 4.5 and 5 star ratings already. The developer updates frequently. This isn’t one of those apps that just sits un-updated for a long amount of time.


6) Pinterest (Black Men Beards)



Let’s talk about Pinterest for a second. Sure, it’s mainly a visual board / site for the ladies, and we get that.

But there is no denying that there’s tons of Pinterest Boards out there. Many of those boards are assembled for black men beards.

They have assembled variety of different looks, shapes, and grooming tips when it comes to black men beards. If you hop on Google, and Google “black men beards Pinterest”, you’ll find several different collections and boards popping up in the search results.

There are lots of different hair and beard combinations, by a wide variety of black men. All shapes, sizes and hair types. This brings some inspiration that you can use for your own grooming of course.

Again, it’s pretty obvious that several of these were put together by women.  They’re obviously more focused on the eye candy aspect,  which what you can you do?

Even so, if you look past that, you’ll find lots of different beard aesthetics that you can try.


And there you go…

The above collection of inspiration sources should be exactly what you need to get off the ground with black men beards.

Or, inspiration to keep you going. Why not take the next step, visit these resources for yourself, and stick with the ones that you like?

Furthermore, we always love to see how you all are doing it over here at WDB, so make sure to tag us Instagram, Facebook, or social media photo of any kind. Thanks and I look forward to seeing what you guys can grow.

H Bashir
H Bashir

I write about black men's style, and menswear in general, at WellDressedBrother.com. Follow us on IG @welldressedbrother